There’s Something Fabulous About St. Barts

Jetting off from Anguilla via St. Martin (SXM) to St. Barts (French West Indies), I can’t help playing Lady Ga Ga’s “Money Honey” on my ipod to prep myself for everything fabulous about my trip to St. Barts.stbmap1

Damn, I love the jag, the jet and the mansion. (Oh yeah)
And I enjoy the gifts and the trips to the islands.(Oh yeah)
It’s good to live expensive
You know it, but my knees get weak intensive
When you give me k-kisses…

img00136-20090215-0817-21The real truth is that me and my 53 lbs of luggage (filled with work stuff and shoes) were not exactly boarding a private jet or a mega-yacht like my friend, Tonya.  Win Air’s 10-seat puddle jumper (12 minutes to be exact on was all I really needed to get myself to paradise.  

St. Barthélémy was formed by a crashing, volcanic explosion, to become the crown jewel of the Caribbean (sold back from Sweden to France in 1878.) It’s 25 square kilometers with 22 beautiful beaches, fabulous luxurious boutiques, and a bevy of traditional Creole houses and mega yachts for your viewing pleasure.

caribbean-299Aside from the fact that my pilot looked like he had just graduated from high school, landing in St. Barts is an adventure in itself. Beautiful vistas of carved out beaches calm my nerves in prep for the frightful entry where I would close my eyes tight before landing. caribbean-301Over a mountain, drop and land. Yes, that is the ocean in my immediate sight.

Ok, I readily admit that I glorify all things St. Barts, but when you land (and open your eyes,) it’s like you have transformed yourself into one of those fabulous people you read about. You’re in St. Barts, therefore you must be fabulous.

First stop, a beautiful seaside resort called  Hotel St. Barth Isle-de-France. Is it my imagination or is everybody here seriously good looking? The beach boys look like they’ve stepped off the pages of French Vogue. Relaxing on the beach, I’m having one of those moments where I say to myself…”My life does not suck right now”…Cue Mr. GQ Beach Boy…“Yes, I’d love some more Evian, si vou plait. Merci.”

I see a few famous faces in the high-season crowd, decline an invitation by Mr. GQ Beach Boy for an “island tour,” and I’m off to my next stop…the highly chic Le Sereno. The fever is setting in… 

Driving in St. Barts, by the way,  is not for the faint of heart. Small cars only (Mini Coopers or Smart Cars) and the whirrrr…whizzzz….vroom….around each bend and corner playing “chicken” with each oncoming car will make you suddenly start saying prayers to “St. Barts” (the Saint of ‘please don’t let me die today.’)

Le Sereno Hotel is located on the Grand Cul de Sac Beach and designed by famous caribbean-322Parisian designer Christian Liaigre. Only 37 suites, its sleek, Caribbean cool appeal is sophisticated and stylish.

With no shortage of good looking, Euro-model types dressed in crisp white linen and steel gray tanks, the appeal of this hotel is all about minimalist beach chic with lots of privacy.

By this time, “a kill me now” fever had set in, but nothing the French version of Tylenol didn’t fix in one night. I was back to being “fabulous” by morning and off to Le Toiny ( ).

Le Toiny is on the Morne Vitet with only 15 gorgeous villas (with private plunge pools). A hideaway of sorts, this Relais & Chateaux property is all about getting away with your significant other.


With a stop at the newly renovated Carl Gustaf Hotel caribbean-304overlooking the bustling Gustavia, the main town named after King Gustaf III of Sweden where all the high end shopping is found (fortunately it was Sunday so I didn’t have to find out how many euros I couldn’t afford!)…

I headed to Eden Rock to check out the new “Villa Rockstar” being debuted later this spring. With over 6,000 sq. ft. of pure minimalist luxury, if you can drum up $15,000 a night, you too can be a “rock star.” 4 master bedrooms, 2 personal assistant rooms, private pool, movie theater seating 20 and a private recording studio…caribbean-391

I found myself taking an inventory in my head of my own personal credentials wondering if I had what it takes to be someone’s “personal assistant.” The answer was an astounding “yes, as long as they didn’t go all ‘Naomi Campbell’ on me!”


Last stop…Hotel Guanahani & Spa. Beautiful cottages of bright turquoise, yellows , tropical oranges and pinks make up this gorgeous beach resort set in between two beaches. With a plethora of Prada, Louis Vuittan and Pucci cover-ups on the ladies and expensive Vilebrequin swim shorts  (the St. Barts uniform for men) in sight, I headed over to the oh-so-relaxing Clarins Spa featuring Frederic Fekkai salon for a deep tissue/relaxing massage. I’m having another one of those “my life doesn’t suck moments.”



So with one last buttery croissant, caribbean-4302finishing up the actual work meetings that I promise did take place and putting the hotel inspector’s stamp of approval on Le Guanahani for 2010, this Cinderella was headed home via St. Martin with one stop in the beautiful and historic Old San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Au revoir, mon amie! Thank you, St. Barts, for bringing out “all things fabulous” in me!



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