Barbuda in My Heart

There are special places in the Caribbean I long to be. One is Barbuda (not to be confused with Bermuda or Barbados!)

Barbuda Sunset

I recently returned to this tiny island just off Antigua in the Eastern Caribbean, population 1,500 living mostly in Codrington. It’s a place where you relax, slow down and make your own way. Donkeys crossing the road is your only stoplight.

Several years ago I had the pleasure of staying at the exquisite Beach House, where I fondly recall walking out onto the pink sand beach on Palmetto Point, not a soul in site, with frigate birds circling overhead to protect their eggs. Tears welled in my eyes as I knew this was the Caribbean the way it used to be. No development, no people around, just me and nature.

Frigate Birds

Barbuda is home to the Frigate Bird Sanctuary located in the Codrington Lagoon.

Barbuda is rich in Caribbean history where the Ciboney were its first inhabitants in 2400 BC, and when Christopher Columbus landed on his second voyage in 1493, Arawak and Carib Indians soon followed. There were early settlements by the French and Spanish later succeed by the English colonies in 1666. Many present-day people of Barbuda are descendants of African slaves. 

The Beach House is no longer open, and a new luxury secret has arrived: Lighthouse Bay Resort. With only nine exclusive suites, it was hard to believe this was rustic Barbuda.

Lighthouse Bay Resort

This intimate resort offers five star amenities, fabulous gourmet cuisine of sweet Barbuda lobster by Beach House’s former Chef Lennox and every modern convenience imaginable. Mo, Terrance and the staff embrace you like family.

It’s so private, it’s the perfect high-profile guest hideaway…

Pink Sand Beach

There are a few things to do in sleepy Barbuda:  snorkeling, fishing, horseback riding, buying local handicrafts or exploring the caves. But for me, it was just a time to slow down.

I pray that Barbuda will never change. The miles of pink sand beaches are mine to EXPLORE, DREAM, THINK & BE.

Barbuda, you have made a permanent stamp on my heart.

Lighthouse Bay Resort, Barbuda provides a one-way helicopter transfer from Antigua to the resort and includes all meals and beverages.

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