The Mystique of Mustique

There is something about Mustique that entices me. Perhaps I should credit Vanity Fair and Hello Magazine  for my unabashed awareness of the island’s popularity with the British Royal Family and rock star royalty like Mick Jagger. There is a quiet and unobtrusive glamour to this peaceful 2.2 square mile island in the Grenadines with its impressive blue waters and pristine beaches.

“Celebrites are not the rich people on Mustique,” my island chauffeur tells me, asking me not to take photos of the villas or visitors during my stay. I must admit, there is a discreet aura you immediately feel when on Mustique that is both intimidating yet reassuring.

The Pink House, Mustique

Pink House, Mustique

The island is owned and operated by the shareholders and villa owners (from 17 countries) of the Mustique Company whose purpose is to maintain the tranquility and privacy of the island. The Company oversees most of the villa rentals and also owns the beautiful Cotton House, the only Caribbean-style luxury boutique hotel on the the island. Once an 18th century cotton warehouse and sugar mill, Cotton House lends itself as the unofficial island welcoming committee hosting a weekly cocktail party in its Great House for all the residents and visitors on Mustique.

Sunset at Cotton House

Sunset at Cotton House

Everyone on the island knows Stan Clayton and his wife Elizabeth, the gracious owners of Firefly, a welcoming and charming 4-bedroom guesthouse and restaurant where celebrity guests have been known to give impromptu performances on the piano in the lobby bar.

The Pool at Firefly Mustique

The Pool at Firefly Mustique

Rumor has it Bill Gates, a frequent visitor, enjoys Firefly so much he would love to buy it, but you won’t hear that from the island chauffeur.

Of course no holiday on Mustique is complete without an afternoon on the beautiful Macaroni Beach or Pasture Bay and an evening or two at the world famous Basil’s Bar where Wednesday nights are legendary for music as people celebrate the good life. I know I did!

Basil's Bar

World famous Basil's Bar


Mustique in the Grenadines

Getting there:

There is direct service daily to Barbados and St. Lucia from the UK, US, Canada and South America on British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, American Airlines, Delta and LIAT. The Mustique Company will arrange flights from Barbados to Mustique (the runway purposely does not accommodate private jets, just the way the Mustique Company likes it.)

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