Hollywood Social

Seeking a Hollywood moment in New York, we drove from Boston to the Big Apple to celebrate the New York Film Festival’s Premiere of “The Social Network” based on the bookAccidental Billionaires by my good friend, author Ben Mezrich.

The Social Network Premiere

We settled into a fabulous suite at the Jumeirah Essex House overlooking Central Park, then dressed for the Friends & Family movie screening at the Lincoln Center courtesy of Sony Pictures.  From there we were headed to the celeb-studded post party at the Harvard Club, followed by an ultra-private after-after party with the movie cast at the famed Minetta Tavern.

Jumeirah Essex House - Central Park

Following our screening and dinner, we made our way back to the Lincoln Center to wait to for the Mezrich’s who were at the Red Carpet World Premiere.

We found ourselves noticeably overdressed amongst fans who had gathered at a side exit carrying celebrity photos and Sharpies hopeful of an autograph by Kevin Spacey.

“Would you like to wait in my car?” a brawny chauffeur asked me as he pointed to his shiny black Cadillac Escalade. He could see my struggle to wait in the chilly night in my little black dress and stilettos. “You’ll just have to hop out when Justin comes out.”

“Timberlake?” I asked coyly having just seen his stellar performance in the film. The man nodded and explained he has been Justin’s NYC driver for the past 12  years.

Justin Timberlake's Entourage

I shimmied onto the plush leather seats feeling like a VIP. I’m in J.T.’s car… I muse. My obliging husband patiently waited outside. One of Justin’s crew waited quietly in the back. I sure he was just as surprised to see me in the car as I was.

Justin Timberlake

Commotion started. I saw people moving outside the black tinted windows. Kevin appeared. Then Justin. He was wearing dark-rimmed “take me seriously as an actor” eye glasses, smiled and waved to his adoring fans.

I excitedly leaped out of the car. I didn’t want Jessica (Biel) to see me, afterall. The driver told me she was in Toronto filming. Maybe there’s some truth to those pesky break-up rumors, I pondered.

Justin hopped into the front seat of an Audi SUV waiting behind the Escalade. The driver explained that that the musician turned actor is contractually obligated to drive in an Audi. The car I’m was waiting in will carry his entourage. What a let down, I thought.

The fun was only about to begin, so I thanked everyone for the warm seat, and the driver handed me his card.

“Call me next time you’re in the City. I’ll drive you around.”

How fabulous would that be, but first let me check on my contract with Mercedes…(wink) It was time to hit the Harvard Club!

The Social Network After Party at the Harvard Club

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