“Eau” My!

I am obsessed with water, the fancy bottled kind with the tiniest bubbles that bite your tongue as if it were the finest champagne.

I blame the luxurious Berkshires resort, Blantyre, Relais & Châteaux, for my decadent taste buds for this clear liquid. During a recent stay, Sommelier Luc Chevalier (formerly of Andre Soltner’s Lutece) indulged me with a “water tasting” to be enjoyed with a sumptuous five course French country dinner.

As a result, I have become a water snob. I find myself asking for the French sparkling water “Badoit” from Saint-Galmier, France when dining out. I get giddy with excitement if a restaurant offers the Missoni label limited edition San Pellegrino bottle, so much so I sneak the bottle home.

Now the Italian water company has created yet another limited edition bottle with Bulgari to mark the luxury jeweler’s 125th anniversary. I might need to start checking flights to Paris. I hear it is only available at Collette but will eventually be available at the finest restaurants worldwide.

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2 Comments on ““Eau” My!

  1. I just bought 10 bottles of Badoit at the grocery store today — so (in)opportune since I just paid $11 for it yesterday at a restaurant. It’s definitely one of the best waters out there. Anyway, I just stumbled on your blog when I googled “Badoit” and love how luxe you are! I hope to see more of your posts in 2012. 🙂

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