Write at Home

I went looking for a pen today and found a trip around the world.

I was reminded of horseback riding amongst black bears at Clayoquot Wilderness Resort, to walking a pristine pink sand beach in Barbuda.

I was taken back to zen moment relaxing at the Mandarin Oriental Spa, to dancing under a Tamarind tree in Antigua at Curtain Bluff.

I was reminded of the sweet taste of lemonade in the summer in Newport, Rhode Island at Castle Hill Inn to meeting an interesting orinologist in a fruit orchard on Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands.

I could practically feel the powder white sand between my toes at the intimate Turks & Caicos Club in the British West Indies and how peaceful I felt after my private yoga class at Canyon Ranch Miami

Within minutes I had escaped…and didn’t even have to pack a bag.

Tiffany Travels

4 Comments on “Write at Home

  1. Tiffany, thank you for this post! You truly know how to draw your readers in to your stories. Your wording is truly remarkable. Keep it up.


  2. have just discovered your site.. wow, life! I am asking to come back as your suitcase in my next life. Love the tips, details are so interesting and key

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