Pins in Paradise

Just Breathe

I have this unnatural fear that Yuki has left a needle in my back, and there is a Pilates class at five. I have just finished my first ever session of Acupuncture & Shiatsu feeling totally relaxed yet paranoid at the same time.

My friends have been swearing by Acupuncture for months, and even my doctor has advised that Acupuncture will “balance my energies.”

Being one-quarter Chinese, it was hard for me to refute this ancient therapy, so I made an appointment with Yuki Nishikubo, at the renowned COMO Shambhala Retreat at Parrot Cay, Turks and Caicos. She told me she had been working at Parrot Cay for several months, but alleviated my fear of inexperience by sharing that she had been an Acupuncturist and Moxibustionist for the past 19 years in London and Japan.

Yuki Nishikubo at Parrot Cay

We started with one hour of Shiatsu, a form a pressure point massage that left me feeling like a noodle. It was as if she knew that I was AAdvantage Platinum and spent countless hours on airplanes and in airports lounges.

My trance like being was awakened by the sound of Yuki unwrapping  sterilized Acupunture needles, one by one. Poke, tap tap tap… poke, tap, tap tap. I reminded myself to just breathe. Just breathe. Let me share that I was “that kid” who took two nurses to hold me down for annual vaccinations.

She calmly brushed my hair down and tapped one needle into the top of my head. I giggled silently as I envisioned Pinhead from the movie “Hell Raiser.” I quickly refocused on pretty thoughts as I stared down at the fresh hibiscus beneath me.

COMO Shambhala Retreat

Yuki finished by draping a light towel over my body and told me to wait five minutes. She stayed in the room which had my mind racing if this was a precautionary measure in case I moved. Why did I have to feel an itch on my eye right at that moment? Stay still I reminded myself. Just breathe. Just breathe.

She removed each pin and I heard them clank, clank, clank into a bowl. I wished I had counted how many she put in so I could make sure all were taken out. Silliness, I know. She is an expert. When it was over, I told Yuki “arigato” (thank you in Japanese). I really do feel rejuvenated and restored, but truth be told,  just a little scared to lean back in my chair as I write this.

One Comment on “Pins in Paradise

  1. I’ve been wanting to check out acupuncture for awhile- but have the same anxieties going in. It’s nice they gave you a visual to look at during it. I think when I finally make an appointment I’ll also do it with a massage- I think that sounds like a nice way to ease into it.

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