Parking by Chanel

I was off to my best friend’s first runway show for her new label mike&ton under The Tent at Mandarin Oriental Boston for Boston Fashion Week.

Parking in the garage at the nearby Saks was $35 for over 5 hours or $12 with a validated stamp with minimum $10 purchase.

Why pay the garage when we can park and get something at Saks too?” I said convincingly  to my husband. Hesitantly he agreed, and we marched up to Saks where I quickly moved from Estee Lauder over to Chanel with such familiarity as if it were my own living room;  in a few short minutes I had purchased a “much needed” Chanel compact and got my parking ticket validated.

So let me get this straight,” my husband said to me. “You just bought a $48 compact so we could get a $12 parking stamp to avoid $35 parking?”

“Exactly!” I replied proudly. He escorted me out of the department store rolling his eyes.

I later shared my savvy Chanel parking story on Facebook to which one friend replied, “You know, if scenarios like this had been used as math problems in school I might have actually enjoyed it.”

Me too!

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