Uber Cool

What better night than a rainy night in New York City to test out “Uber“, a swank new town car service recommended to me by a tech-savvy friend. I was headed out to meet my sorority sisters many whom I hadn’t seen in 15 years at Stanton Social on the Lower East Side, and with the touch of an app I was on my way. Taxis suddenly became so yesterday.

Uber Taxi

Here’s how it works: You tap open the Uber app and set up an account with your credit card number. The iPhone’s GPS system locates where your phone is. I was told my driver Michael would arrive in 18 minutes. My first hiccup. I noticed the app now said my driver would arrive in 24 minutes. Then I realized for some reason my phone thought I was in Queens instead of Park Avenue South. I quickly cancelled the service and reordered.

This time, my phone accurately displayed where I was, and within 7 minutes, Michael was outside waiting for me in a sleek tinted out SUV, however he was down the street. The accuracy of the GPS system located the driver exactly below my hotel window 16 floors down instead of the front door, but since Michael had my phone number, we quickly coordinated our locations.

I must admit. I felt like a bit like a Rock Star when the black tinted out sedan pulled up to my hotel. My sorority sisters were certainly going to be impressed.

Michael, my Uber DriverThere is a $7 base charge as soon as you get into an Uber car, plus time and distance charges. The convenient part was the final tally included tip and was automatically billed to my credit card.

When I arrived at my destination, the total — $30 —appeared on my phone, and shortly after on Michael’s. Each of us can rate one another on a scale of one to five stars, so no time for any diva behavior.

While the service may be a bit more expensive than a taxi, the whole experience was certainly luxe. Uber operates in New York, San Francisco, Seattle and Chicago and now Boston.

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