The Flying Spur

I had just checked into the beautiful St. Regis Bal Harbour located in the most exclusive address across from the Bal Harbour Shops when I realized I had forgotten something at my previous hotel and needed to find a local drugstore. 

I asked the concierge downstairs if I may borrow an umbrella to walk to the local store, but I was quickly told, “We have something better.” I was escorted through the glamorous lobby outside to my personal chauffeur where I was offered the use of the complimentary Bentley Continental “Flying Spur” (valued at over $200,000).


In my short five minute drive, my personal chauffeur told me that the Flying Spur is a “delicate car” and while it’s very nice to drive, he also likes the Phantom Rolls Royce which he used to drive for another employer. I marvel that anyone has this comparison. We arrived to the store where he kindly opened my door and waited in the dingy parking lot for me to pick up a few things.

The Flying Spur is a complimentary service provided to guests of the St. Regis Bal Harbour on a first come, first serve basis. It’s one of the many exceptional luxury perks offered at the resort, one of my favorites being the St. Regis Butler Services.

Next time, I really should head for Chanel or Chopard at the Bal Harbour Shops instead of CVS, but the St. Regis is so close, you know, I probably could just walk there. But instead, I think I’d prefer to say, “Sir, I’d like to take the Bentley…”

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