Cents and Sensibility

It was a beautiful morning rooftop in a Beverly Hills hotel where I was enjoying a lovely breakfast of Huevos Rancheros and a cool California breeze.

We love people watching and noticed the gentleman beside us politely turning away an espresso as it was incorrectly served in a coffee cup. He was casually dressed wearing an eye-catching sky blue linen shirt with a designer name on the collar and swim shorts that read “Mustique”. I must Google this designer when I get home. My husband would look great in that shirt! 

I knew I just had to say hello as I have an undying love for Mustique. Taking my last sip of coffee, I leaned over to the gentleman, said “Good morning. I see you have been to Mustique.” With an Italian accent, he replied, “Yes, yes.” He explained that it was a long way from his home in London and Italy, but he and his family enjoyed it.

We exchanged further pleasantries, and he reached for his business card — not just any business card — a gold plated card with a real sapphire in it. “Angelo Galasso” it read. “Please come to my store at the Plaza in New York City.” I told him I’d be in the city the following week, and I’d stop by. I also mentioned that I was admiring his shirt and now realized it was his own design! Image

We said goodbye and headed back to our room and my husband and I both gasped, “Do you think this is real gold? A real sapphire?” Without hesitation, we Googled who he was, and Mr. Galasso, as it turns out, is an Italian billionaire who was named one of GQ magazine’s “Best Dressed Men 2012” in the United Kingdom. He is also the founder of Angelo Galasso, his own uber-luxe bespoke label of couture Italian menswear.  (Think mink-tasseled loafers and crocodile accessories.)Image

I visited his store the following week in New York City expecting it to be a small boutique downstairs, and I was in awe to see his beautiful boutique located on the entire corner of the Plaza by Central Park! Mr. Galasso, who happened to be at the boutique at that time, kindly gave me a wonderful tour and a few spectacular gifts like a gorgeous tie and a crocodile iPad cover. How incredibly luxe and spoiled I was – and to think, all I did was just say hello!Image

The official opening party will be in a few weeks, and we have been so kindly given an invitation to this exclusive event. I received a lovely email from Mr. Galasso saying, “in life you must trust your intuition…When people like to talk to one another…The curiosity is a sign of super sensibility and intelligence … I hope to see you around the world next time.”

It’s always fascinating who you meet when you travel when you open your eyes and be willing to connect with others. On another note, I have yet to convince my husband that “@LuxeTiffany” also needs gold business cards! I’m thinking gold and emeralds…

4 Comments on “Cents and Sensibility

  1. just came across your blog! i love all of the titles of your posts… they aren’t boring!

    but that’s awesome you just got a free iPad case for saying hello. it’s the small things that pay off i guess. 🙂 keep these posts comin!

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