Ciao Cinderella

I was just finishing five spectacular days in Milan and Rome touring the cities, shopping La Rinscente, Milan and Via Condotti, Rome and staying in some of the most spectacular five star hotels including the Armani Hotel Milan and Portrait Suites, a Ferragamo owned hotel.

I was now heading back to reality queuing in lines at the Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport and had been forewarned by a hotel colleague that I would need ample time at the airport as it was known for being chaotic. I made my way through the crowded airport and checked in to my Alitalia flight to Heathrow, and had booked a Business Class ticket which allowed me to go through a priority security line.

As those of us who travel frequently do, we have a system for going through security quickly. Laptop out. Liquids and gels out. Jacket off. Belt off. Boots off. The Rome airport security lady even offered me ped socks to wear through which had me wondering… Why don’t more airports do this?

As I went through the security check, I quickly collected my things, put everything back in its place, but there was only one problem. I was missing a shoe. My hotelier friend had warned me that maybe my bag could go missing, but a shoe? I patiently waited on one foot as more bins came through the machine, and still no boot.

I asked the security person, “Do you happen to see my boot somewhere inside your X-ray machine?” He yelled out to his colleague, “Lei Manca una scarpa. Lei è Cinderella. Lei è Cinderella.” (She is missing a shoe. She and Cinderella. She and Cinderella.) I laughed and smiled at the security guy and told him that I didn’t know what he said, but I did understand the Cinderella part, and yes, I was indeed missing a shoe.



A minute later an isolated Aquitalia boot made its way off the conveyer belt, and I once again heard shouts and laughs of “Cinderella.” I zipped up the boot, smiled again, thanked the security guys and said, “It’s a perfect fit. Just like Cinderella!” Off I went laughing to wait in the next line. Ciao Italia!

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