Luxe Locks

One of the benefits of staying in so many luxury hotels is the access to the finest array of bath amenities around. But I readily admit, I have a terrible problem with hoarding luxury hotel bath amenities.

From L’Occitaine to Acqua di Parma, I pack them up and bring them home, where they sit in my cupboard for months and months because they are simply too nice to use. Yes, it’s a weakness, and every once in a while when a charity drive for bath amenities occurs in my hometown, I reluctantly part with my luxurious bottles of Bvlgari Green Tea because I know it’s for a good cause.

But just when I thought I would resist the urge to bring home any new bath amenities, there, like the Holy Grail, appeared full size bottles of Armani Prive, in all its glory from the Armani Hotel Milano.

Armani Prive

And then, when I knew my toiletries kit could no longer withstand being stuffed to the gills with any more luxury products, I moved onto to Rome to Portrait Suites, a Ferragamo owned hotel, to find myself squealing in delight at the array of Tuscan Soul bath amenities by Ferragamo. Could it get any more luxe than washing your hair with Ferragamo? My love for luxury bath amenities had just been taken to the next level!

Tuscan Soul by Ferragamo

I was now betraying my other luxury brand favorites with my newfound love for Armani and Ferragamo, and my rule to not bring home any more bath amenities had just been thrown out the airplane window.

Yes, I know the First Step is admitting you have a problem.  I will call this a Luxury Problem. Perhaps I can start a self-help group for me and my fellow luxe travelers? “Hello my name is Tiffany, and I am a luxury bath amenity hoarder…”  I know I can’t be alone!

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