Luxe Social Media Zürich

It’s a sure sign that I love a particular hotel when I find the time to come back twice in one year. I have found this special place at The Dolder Grand in Zürich, Switzerland, a five star luxury hotel majestically perched above Lake Zürich. Its European elegance combined with modern design, zen-like atmosphere and excellent service make it my personal favorite hideaway of the year. It’s a place where I can “just be” –where I can find rest, relaxation, and serenity – time to regroup from my many months of travel.

The luxury hotel offers 173 rooms, a fabulous two Michelin stars restaurant with breathtaking views, a spectacular art collection and a 4,000 square meter spa – now fondly known as my Luxe Social Media Zürich office. Did I mention this hotel has some of the most reliable complimentary Wi-Fi of any luxury hotel around?

After days relaxing at the magnificent spa, you can take the Mercedes shuttle into Zürich to indulge in Sprüngli chocolate (don’t miss the famous hot chocolate) and shop along Bahnhofstrasse — Zürich’s main downtown street and one of the world’s most exclusive shopping avenues. Nearby there is even a shop called “Sparkling Shoes & Champagne.” Could heaven for women really exist right here in Zürich?

I won’t be staying away from Zürich for long. I’ve already planned a mother/daughter spa trip to The Dolder Grand in the New Year and highly recommend it as one of your must-visit places in 2013.

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