It’s early morning in Saint Lucia, and I’m hearing the sounds of water falling, the birds chirping and the distant hum of fishing boats driving by. The reflections of the Pitons in my infinity pool is breathtaking as a cloud hovers over the Gros Piton waiting to burn off in the morning sun. A cool breeze softly blows through my Jade Mountain Sanctuary, and there is serenity. I have no television. No radio. No internet. I feel distant from the world, yet having a moment of gratitude and reflection.

Reflections at Jade Mountain

Reflections at Jade Mountain

In the aftermath of a senseless tragedy like yesterday in Boston, I am taking a moment to breathe, remember what is important in my life, and try to think positively about the good, not the bad, in mankind. I am grateful in many ways that I was traveling and not at the Boston Marathon events where I would have been which were right near the explosions. Hearing reports from friends who had to run for safety and assist others makes my heart weigh heavy.

I was fortunate to spend last night surrounded by the wonderful Nick and Karolin Troubetzkoy, the owners of Jade Mountain, and not be alone, yet inside my heart continues to weep for those affected by yesterday’s events. I am deeply grateful for all of the wonderful messages by my friends and family around the world who kept me updated through social media sites. I have been traveling inspecting 15 hotels on five islands in 12 days, and I really and truly cannot wait to get home to Boston.

3 Comments on “Reflections

  1. 16 April was a truly sad day in Boston, but luckily indeed that you were able to stay on such a wonderful place in St Lucia, But travelling and inspecting 15 luxury hotels around the island? Must have been tired afterwards 🙂

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