Le Chateaubriand, Paris

I suppose it didn’t hurt that Le Chateaubriand came as a recommendation by friend and celeb chef Ming Tsai, and that we were able reserve a table with one phone call by my friend who is the Cultural Attaché at the French Embassy in Boston – after all, getting a table at one of most popular French bistro’s in Paris is no easy feat. Just one reserved seating is available per night for this lauded French nouvelle cuisine, and you might be waiting for months. Otherwise, try your luck and walk in after 21:30.

The menu is traditional yet buzzy, and the menu changes nightly. No frills and no fancy décor, it has been named one of the best restaurants in the world by many culinary guides; Zagat says it’s one of the most inventive tables in Paris and “arrive with patience and a little attitude of your own.” Dinner was creative and savory, but I drew the line at raw veal. Fortunately it was not the piece de resistance. The razor clams were tender and notable. Tasting menu: €60. Image

photo (47)

Le Chateaubriand: 129, Avenue de Parmenter, 75001 Paris;  Tel: +33 1 43 57 45 95


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