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In a very busy digital world managing my own social media marketing business, it’s easy for me to get consumed by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all things so-called “social.”

And while these social media sites have allowed us to reconnect with people in wonderful ways and allow me to inspire people to travel as I do every day with relentless passion, I am careful not to be consumed by what has become my livelihood.lavender-field-evgeni-dinev-photography

Do you ever get that lost feeling when you can’t find your iPhone or get the urge to check your phone every five minutes? While I know never to text and drive, I know I that I am guilty of looking at my phone at times when I shouldn’t. I am making a personal commitment to stop checking social sites as frequently as I do.

When I’m out having lunch or dinner with friends or colleagues and see a social notification or new email come in, it can wait. When my husband comes home from work and I’m on my social sites working,  I can take a break.  I’m committing to more digital breaks, more time to read, more time for yoga, and more time for family in person or on the phone.onyx

And while I truly enjoy my thriving social media business, and it’s not possible for me to totally disconnect, these are small changes in my life that I can make to stay present and connected. The result, no doubt, will be a happier, more fulfilled me.

I’m personally very proud to support the TextLess Live More campaign in memory of my dear friend Anna Cheshire Levitan’s daughter, Merritt. Merritt tragically lost her life when she was struck from behind on a 3,000 mile cross-country bicycle trip on an Arkansas highway by someone who was distracted by texting.

TLLM_LogoAnna recently told ABC News, “On a positive level, young people rallied and thought right there had to be a message that came from this. They recognize texting and driving can kill, but on a larger level, what does this mean for our generation? Are we so distracted we are losing sight of the real world in hopeful anticipation of the virtual world, which doesn’t exist?”

TextLess Live More has inspired me to stay passionate, not just about my job, but about life in a non-digital world. It’s time to reconnect in a non-digital way in our ever-growing high-tech world. And after you read this, why not go and give the one person you love a big, gigantic hug? I promise it will feel good.

Will you join me in this commitment to TextLess?

One Comment on “TextLess Live More

  1. Such an important message. We seem to be living in an era where we feel dependent on our gadgets and all the more so for those of us involved or interested in blogging or in social media but it is so easy to forget some of life’s great pleasures including, as you say, family time, relaxation time, gadget-free time etc and of course safety. So sorry to hear this sad story but I think it’s a great idea to try and remind us all of this important message.

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